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'Yet again top, top quality piece of kit from this new kid on the block 5/5'

The Sliabh Jersey – yet again top, top quality piece of kit from this new kid on the block. Very well thought out during the design and manufacturing phases, clearly by cyclists with an eye for detail. The technical fabrics used in this garment make it feel like a skin suit but with all the comfort and style that we see in cycle wear circles currently. It's a very lightweight shirt, with superb moisture management performance – wicking the sweat away - ideal for hot and humid conditions (not the Yorkshire hills then) - only joking. 

The zip is strong and full length, which is something I particularly like along with the cut away collar to prevent the neck rub.  It has 3 large rear pockets, with a zipped and waterproof pouch housed on the middle pocket, which we feel is a must these days to keep the phone and cake money safe. 

Black Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

'The Sliabh Jersey from Tadáias a very deserving 5 star, as I can't fault it' -

The bottom of the pockets have a reflective strip for the 'be seen' factor. The material used and cut make the fit of this shirt very nice indeed, and it hugs you in all the right (or wrong) places. The stitching is comfy and I've not noticed any niggles throughout the testing / review period. Well thought out, with a panelled approach and top quality materials and finishing. 

Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey & Arm Warmers

As with the matching shorts, you may need to go up a size or two, as the shirt is very 'fitted' and may not suit everyone due to the snugness. The gripper bands on the arms are tight but comfortable, as are the waist grippers, keeping the shirt all in place when beasting yourself through the hills – again these have been thought about for the practicality when riding.


This Tadaias shirt comes in at around £96 and is excellent quality for that. So, this summer get yourself noticed in this new Tadaias kit. Their shirt is one of the best quality and most comfortable that I've worn, even with my Ab!! A very deserving 5 star, as I can't fault it.

'Yet again top, top quality piece of kit from this new kid on the block'

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