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Tadáias was established to create a range of high end cycling clothing and accessories, for both on and off the bike. Designed without compromise for the most discerning rider, we want our brand to be synonymous with the highest levels of quality, style and performance.           


Our passion for road racing means Tadáias is more than just a product company. It is an online emporium of performance road-wear and accessories, all celebrating the challenge and the glory of road riding. Through the inspiration informed by the passion, history and challenge that lie at the heart of cycling, our aim is to convey these sentiments through style and functionality, bringing riders together to share our passion.  

Every Tadáias product is conceived and developed by experienced road riders and technical innovations are combined with rider-inspired features, each carefully developed to ensure you get the most from every ride. The style is classic and understated, every product is designed to be as stylish as it is functional.  We believe that branding should be discreet, therefore we minimise logos to maintain our understated style.


Tadáias’ commitment to quality extends to all aspects of design and production. Our manufacturing partner, Belgium based brand Bodhi, shares our passion and commitment to design, quality and customer service. Tadáias works with skilled craftsmen and has developed long term relationships to ensure that Tadáias products continue to meet and exceed the exacting standards demanded by serious road cyclists. Tadáias use only the finest fabrics and components in their apparel and accessories from suppliers with a reputation for excellence.


In addition to our Brand collection, we design custom cycling clothing for clubs, teams and events. Our designers work with clubs to design and produce custom cycling kit to their specific needs and a unique style.

waterproof Pocket, Tadaias Jersey
Tadaias, Short Sleeve Cycling Jersey

The Bodhi 532 Pad


Our bib-short use the highly acclaimed Bodhi 532 Pad which was developed to deliver excellent breathability and comfort. This is achieved using the latest technical materials, including the favoured 120g density foam, and with Foam Carving Technology that removes unnecessary foam from the sides and avoids aggressive transitions between the different densities - all designed to allow additional comfort to the area, increasing blood flow reducing the sense of fatigue.


The Tadáias' pad is built with the same methods and technology as the most used pad of professional World Tour teams. It is designed to give the greatest comfort on the hardest challenges.


Pad Features:


- High density 120g foam

- 4mm & 15mm thickness

- Sweat transport technology

- Multi layered foam 

- 4 way stretch fabric

- Anti-bacterial fabric


Our products are of the highest quality, using only superior fabrics and technologies sourced from companies well-known for their heritage, experience and unrivalled quality in fabric development and manufacture.

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