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Performance meets luxury

The Sliabh Bib-Shorts features classic styling and striking contrast details and are made from a Lycra-based fabric which is both supportive and durable. The fabric is treated with a highly technical dye that reflects the sun’s rays keeping it cool against the skin. In hot conditions, this means the body need not expend unnecessary energy to keep cool and can use it instead to improve riding performance.

This bib-short concept is built on the success of its pad, that is highly valued by Tadáias for its excellent breathability. This was achieved with the Foam Carving Technology that removes unnecessary foam from the sides. The high level of comfort is delivered by avoiding aggressive transitions between the different densities.

Sliabh Bib-Shorts

SKU: BS002
€140.00 Regular Price
€110.00Sale Price
    • Technical fabrics, extreme moisture management - Unlimited airflow keeps you dry
    • The ultimate short for racing and riding in extreme conditions - Different fabrics to bring maximum cooling to each part of the short
    • Newly engineered bib strap construction is comfortable on a wide range of body shapes
    • Elastic leg gripper for perfect fit in all weather conditions - Double layered back panel so impossible to see through
    • Lightweight, high-wicking Lycra fabric
    • Bodhi 532 Padding for extreme comfort and moisture management
    • Displaced inside leg seams to avoid chafing
    • Permanent wicking treatment
    • Fit specific to a road racer’s body shape
    • Multiple panel construction for optimum fit
    • Reinforced seat panel
    • Bonded seams for comfort
  • 'Rapha have the single stripe, which works, and Tadaias have the double stripe, which looks even better'

    "I’ve twice spent well over four hours in the saddle in these shorts, and once I’d ‘settled in’ to them (so to speak) I found them generally very comfortable. On a ride that long it’s not unusual to feel somediscomfort from the seating area – the padding in these Tadaias bibs works well. The over shoulder straps are a really nice, wide, flat design, which prevents them digging in over the shoulders. Once on the bike and pedalling these shorts definitely stay put in the correct position."



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