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'TADÁIAS have blown us away with their top notch designer kit' - 4.5/5

Then all of a sudden BOOM – enter TADAIAS. Newcomers to the cycle-wear industry that have blown us away with their top notch, thought provoking, practical, designer kit, with second to none customer service to boot. Time then to write up our thoughts on them.  

The Mainear Bib Shorts, which we were fortunate to receive for review, have proved to be pretty much top of the tree among the shorts we've had the pleasure to review.  Yes, we all want the comfy bum experience when we're out all day in the saddle – and these shorts give just that. 

Like everything new, you need to 'break them in' and stretch them out here and there. They are tight – being built for the road racers physique; so if you've got a bit more meat on the bone  - like me, go up a size.

Cycling Bib-Shorts

'Very well deserved 4.5 stars.' -

I did and it proved to be just the trick, proving that they fit the normal bloke. The padding is reinforced but not excessively so,  giving you the comfort in all the 'right' places. The Bodhi padding that's used is top quality and manages the moisture (sweat) admirably, keeping you dry. 

Cycling Bib-Shorts

'TADÁIAS have blown us away with their top notch designer kit with second to none customer service to boot' -

The bib straps are so comfortable you wouldn't really know that you have them on, and it's the same too with the leg grippers - really comfy, with none of those splintery type stitching things that annoy us from time to time, as the stitching technique has clearly been well thought about, with top end flat-lock stitching all over.  

They're multi panelled to help with the fit, with a host of different materials for the various necessary tasks, making up the build quality. The back panel is double panelled, so no need to worry about the embarrassing see through shorts moment. Leg length is always a problem for me, but I just tucked the hem under a little as the elasticity and grippers kept it all in place and it sorted that issue out simply. Tadaias have also used a technical dye within the material to combat the sun and to keep you cool whilst riding - something that I don't know much about but will take their word for it as it seemed to work a treat.  

I've rode out in these on various road and mtb rides now and can confirm they rated highly and beat my expectations. They're a clear contender with the more established and well-known brands that are currently out there. In short, we can't fault these shorts! You can easily contact Tadaias and discuss your 'sizing' needs and any other issues regarding their kit. The customer service that we've experienced from them has been 'par excellence'. The shorts come in around £117 –  you get exactly what you pay for – Quality, and they should last a good while.

Cycling Bib-Shorts Pattern

If you want to look the part this Summer and get exactly what you pay for then visit:

It wouldn't surprise me if Tadaias are supplying some of the top team kits soon. On that not a very well deserved 4.5 stars.

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